Knick Global

3D PC Game Development

Creating Worlds, Igniting Imagination

Knick Global emerges as a significant participant in PC game creation in the ever-evolving gaming industry, paving the way for immersive virtual journeys. Knick Global is a creative leader in the gaming sector, committed to innovation, quality, and player involvement. For Knick Global, this technology digs inside the world of PC game development, revealing the complex procedure that goes into creating engaging gaming experiences.

A mix of artistry and technology has characterized Knick Global’s path in PC game creation. Ideas are transformed into interactive realities by a group of talented developers, creative designers, and storytellers. Every pixel, story arc, and gameplay mechanic exemplifies Knick Global’s dedication to excellence from inception to completion. Join us as we investigate the world of PC game development for Knick Global, where invention knows no bounds and every game is a cutting-edge work of art ready to enthrall players everywhere.



Our Fundamental Benefits

Completely Personalized Development: Our 3D PC game development company creates games based on your business goals, budget limits and desired timing. You also choose a model of cooperation that is convenient for you.

Flexible Team Selection Scheme: We select a team of suitable specialists based on the specifics of the request for creating a 3D PC game: our team consists of experts from different profiles with knowledge of all known game genres.

State-of-the-Art Technologies: We adhere to the highest standards in the gaming industry, follow the latest gaming trends and use the most advanced approaches, technologies and ideas to always be one step ahead.

Customized Full-Cycle Game Development

At Knick Global, we believe that every game is unique, deserving of a tailored approach. Our customized full-cycle game development ensures that each project receives meticulous attention from conceptualization to launch. Our teams collaborate closely with clients to understand their vision and objectives, translating them into captivating digital realities that resonate with players.

Transparency and Reliable Partnership

Trust is paramount in any partnership, and at Knick Global, we uphold transparency as a cornerstone. Our clients benefit from clear communication, regular updates, and a reliable partnership throughout the development journey. We believe that an informed client is an empowered one, leading to collaborative success in bringing gaming visions to life.

Adherence to the Best Security Practices

Security is paramount in the digital age, and we take it seriously. Our adherence to the best security practices ensures that player data, game assets, and sensitive information remain safeguarded throughout the development process. This commitment to security provides players with a safe and enjoyable gaming experience while offering peace of mind to our clients.

Exceptional Flexibility and Scalability

The gaming industry is dynamic, and our approach mirrors that dynamism. Knick Global offers exceptional flexibility and scalability, allowing us to adapt to evolving requirements and emerging technologies. Whether it's adjusting game play mechanics or accommodating new features, our agility ensures that our games remain relevant and captivating.



The game development team at Knick Global consists of over 150+ fully licensed Unity3D developers in the USA and India. Our team brings the best in capabilities with cutting-edge innovations in code building and game testing using C#. We are one of the few Unity3D game development companies to deliver high-performance games as per customer requirements consistently.



Our Unity 3d developers have experience building games across all genres, such as MMORPGs, Strategy, RTS, Action, Sports, Multiplayer, Card, etc., using the Unity game engine. We understand the requirements of each genre and the preferences of the target audience and design the game in accordance with these insights to deliver a unique gaming experience to the players.



From building life-like models to identifying the color palettes that ensure players are comfortable gaming for long hours, our UX team has deep industry expertise in designing games that are user-centric and highly impactful. Our team builds agile methodologies into the game development phases while paying particular attention to quality standards, conducting extensive tests along the way to bring incredibly curated, expansive, and immersive games to the market.



Knick Global is home to Unity game developers, modelers, animators, sound effects engineers, and project managers under a single roof. This diversity helps us proactively address our client's needs and deliver high-quality games over and again. We have the capacity to undertake platform or device-specific tasks to large-scale game development projects that require entire architectures to be designed.



At Knick Global, we follow the agile methodology to create functional games rather than games that look good on paper. Sprint-by-sprint, we design, build, and test features of your game and ensure everything is up to standard and per documentation.



We adapt our communication strategy per client requirements, be it the communication medium or the frequency of updates. With us, you will always be conscious of your project’s status, with minimal involvement required.