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Leverage the best ReactJS Services from Knick Global for all business heads, SMEs, and new businesses. React JS has become a popular and influential JavaScript framework due to its excellent features and unmatched flexibility. This open-source framework enables ReactJS developers to create high-end solutions for web and mobile app development. React JS is a cross-platform framework, one can develop a single app that runs on all web browsers using standard web technologies, as well as both iOS & Android like real native mobile apps. As a leading ReactJS development company, Knick Global is proficient in delivering the most complex and challenging React JS development services.

Our Knick Global ReactJS development team ensures the development of high-performing web and mobile apps using the highly rich ReactJS frontend development library. We offer multiple hiring models and pricing models to you. You can choose suitable models depending on your business solution and budget. With the knowledge of the latest technologies and assistance of best-in-class infrastructure, we develop dynamic and futuristic web apps.

React JS Development Services

We Provide

Custom React Development

Our team uses React technology to develop custom user interfaces since it ensures flexibility, efficiency, and scalability. We tend to follow these steps – designing the architecture, creating and organizing components, handling data, and testing the app.

Single Page Development

At Knick Global, we focus on SPD which allows for placing all the content and features of the app on a single page. Our React development company builds a dynamic and interactive web app using JavaScript to load content and handle user interactions.

App Migration to React

Our development team helps move an existing web app to the React JavaScript library. We carefully plan the migration process by identifying the React components to be used and establishing testing procedures.

React Consulting

Having a team of qualified specialists – CTO, Team Leads, developers, and QA engineers – we provide consulting services. At Knick Global, we carefully analyze the existing app or check on your requirements to offer the most scalable solution for your business.

Architecture Building

We help build a solid architecture for your React application. The right architecture allows maintaining and scaling the app easier. Our team tends to use various state management libraries such as Redux, MobX, and Context API.

Maintenance and Support

As a React JS web development company, we offer maintenance services to support applications once they’ve been delivered. Our team performs a range of tasks, including bug fixes, security updates, compatibility updates, and feature enhancements.

The Ability to Run on Multiple Platforms

Tools including React Native make it possible to use ReactJS to create apps for both the web and mobile devices. This opens up convenience and flexibility for both end users and business owners. And because of this, engineers can develop applications that execute smoothly on a wide variety of systems and hardware configurations.


SEO, or search engine optimization, is another major consideration for web apps. When compared to client-side frameworks, ReactJS excels in search engine optimization thanks to its ability to perform processing on the server. Especially when it comes to NextJS - which is a framework from ReactJS - your app's exposure in search engines might be boosted significantly.

Error Fixing Rapidly

Plenty of strong testing tools and modules are accessible for use with ReactJS, making for a thriving testing and troubleshooting environment. The team will be able to fix more efficiently as a result of the early problem detection. These testing tools facilitate the testing and debugging process, which is crucial to guaranteeing that the final apps are stable and run efficiently.

Supportive Community

The vast and diversified community group for ReactJS is a major advantage. And, with a variety of resources, libraries, and tools, the ReactJS Community can indeed assist in providing assistance and making it easier for developers to stay up with the latest news, answer questions, and provide other great ideas.

FAQ for React JS Development

What is React JS Development?

ReactJS is a Javascript library that is used to create user interfaces for single-page apps. Most programmers consider React JS as their primary library. The view layer in the MVC of the application is handled by the ReactJS front-end library. It is backed up by Meta and the community of React JS developers.

How React JS Reduces app development costs?

ReactJS helps you save money on app development by allowing you to reuse UI components and test your app while it’s still being built. Additionally, both the server and client sides of the software can be coded in JavaScript. It speeds up the app development process and reduces the overall cost of development.

Is React JS frontend or backend?

React is a powerful and comprehensive JavaScript toolkit that allows you to create beautiful user interfaces. It is solely responsible for the front-end development. It’s a front-end Framework.

What is the hourly rate of your React Developers?

It lies between $10 – $30. It varies as per the skillset and the year of experience that a developer has. This also differs as per the hiring model which you choose for your project.

What is your hiring model?

We offer Hourly Hiring, Monthly Hiring, and Fixed Cost Hiring models. People with large projects choose fixed hiring models or a monthly hiring process. If you have a small project you can hire our developers on an hourly basis.

Will data confidentiality can be an issue?

Not in the least. We have a rigorous NDA policy in place for our clients, and we will protect your data at all costs.

How much time do you take to hire ReactJS developers?

Well, that depends on the developer’s availability. If we have developers available who haven’t been assigned to a project, we’ll get them onboard for you within 24 hours.