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Knick Global offers professional 3D game design and development services to create engaging entertainment products for all modern platforms. Our team, composed of skilled experts in game art, design, and programming, provides comprehensive support for your project from conception to release. 

As the demand for exceptional mobile games continues to grow, developers seek the best mobile game development software to create captivating and visually stunning games. Knick Global, a prominent player in the gaming industry, has emerged as a leader in 3D mobile game development, leveraging the power of Unity to deliver top-notch gaming experiences. In this article, we will explore how Knick Global harnesses Unity for Android game development, solidifying its position as a premier game development company in India.


3D Game Development Services We Offer


End-to-End Game Development

Our 3D game development team is a powerhouse of talent, comprising programmers, artists, designers, testers, and project managers. This diverse group collaborates seamlessly to develop games from concept to release, ensuring every aspect of the project is handled internally without the need for external assistance. From initial brainstorming sessions to the final launch, we provide a holistic development process that guarantees a polished, engaging product.


Game LiveOps Services

We excel in LiveOps, performing live operations and continually improving your game based on real-time analytics. Our approach enhances player engagement and retention by providing dynamic experiences and continuously fine-tuning the gameplay. By analyzing player behavior and feedback, we implement updates that keep your game fresh and exciting, ensuring long-term player satisfaction.


Game Prototyping

As a top Unity 3D game development company, we bring extensive knowledge of various frameworks and over a decade of experience in creating complex games. This expertise allows us to develop Minimum Viable Products (MVPs) with a quick turnaround time. Our prototyping process is designed to swiftly transform ideas into functional models, enabling rapid testing and iteration to refine your game concept efficiently.


Multi-Platform Compatibility

Our Unity 3D game developers leverage the game engine's exceptional multi-platform support to deliver a consistent and high-quality experience across all target platforms. We ensure your game runs smoothly on various devices by making essential platform-specific modifications, guaranteeing compatibility and performance. Whether it's mobile, console, or PC, we provide a seamless gaming experience for your audience.


Game Porting and Migration

We specialize in porting games from one platform to another, retaining the same gameplay features and quality. Our Unity developers are adept at migrating code bases from different frameworks to Unity, ensuring a smooth transition. This expertise allows us to expand your game's reach across multiple platforms without compromising its integrity or performance.


AR and VR Games

Knick Global has a dedicated team of AR and VR experts who specialize in Unity. We create immersive gaming experiences tailored to the unique requirements of these platforms. By understanding the nuances of AR & VR, we design and develop games that offer unparalleled interactivity and engagement. Our process is meticulously tailored to harness the full potential of these cutting-edge technologies, delivering captivating and realistic gaming experiences.

3D Mobile Gaming Experiences for Android and iOS

We specialize in the development of 3D mobile games for both Android and iOS platforms. Our expertise lies in crafting immersive and engaging gaming experiences that cater to the global audience. With a focus on quality, creativity, and cutting-edge technology, we are dedicated to bringing Knick Global‘s gaming ideas to life. 3D mobile gaming platform with rich graphic base and futuristic gameplay settings is primed to hook in your audience to the gaming app. Seamless integration and robust cross platform gaming solutions is offered for high-quality engaging gaming experience on Android and iOS.

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The Process of 3D Game Development


The journey begins with brainstorming and ideation, where the game's concept, mechanics, and storyline are outlined.

Design and Art

Knick Global's talented artists and designers work on creating captivating visuals, including characters, environments, and animations.


The technical wizards at Knick Global bring the design to life, coding the game and integrating all the elements into a functional prototype.

Testing and Releasing

Rigorous testing and player feedback help identify and rectify any issues, ensuring a thrilling and immersive gaming experience. Thus, making the release of the game a smoother process in all available platforms.


The journey begins with brainstorming and ideation, where the game's concept, mechanics, and storyline are outlined.

Design and Art

Knick Global's talented artists and designers work on creating captivating visuals, including characters, environments, and animations.


The technical wizards at Knick Global bring the design to life, coding the game and integrating all the elements into a functional prototype.

Testing and Releasing

Rigorous testing and player feedback help identify and rectify any issues, ensuring a thrilling and immersive gaming experience. Thus, making the release of the game a smoother process in all available platforms.

Why Choose Us for A 3D Game Development Project?

Expertise and Experience

We have a great team of art and design who have created alluring graphics for web and mobile games. Our artists are efficient at creating assets and animations that are optimized to perform well on mobile platforms.

Coding & Development

We work with game development languages and frameworks and game engines such as Unity3D, HTML5, Angular JS, and other SDKs too to build native as well as cross-platform applications both. We select the right cross-platform game development as per the type of project.

Customization and Creativity

Knick Global understands that every game idea is unique, and customization is crucial to bringing those ideas to life. They collaborate closely with clients to understand their vision and tailor the game accordingly.

Seamless Performance

The flawless functioning of Knick Global's 3D mobile games across several platforms is one of its distinguishing features. They optimize games to ensure smooth gaming and a great experience for users worldwide.

Testing and Quality Assurance

Consistency, good performance, smooth gameplay, device compatibility, and optimum user experience is what our ultimate goal is. We integrate testing as a part of our process and evaluate graphics performance. We provide support and maintenance services for all our games after release.

Our Clients Reviews & Testimonials

William Jones CEO

In the crucial brainstorming phase, Knick Global proved an invaluable collaborator, offering expert guidance and candid feedback that greatly enriched the proposed concepts.

Client Review
David Martinez Co-founder

Knick Global transformed my gaming business with their innovative approach. The team was responsive, understanding, and delivered a solution that perfectly suits my needs. Fantastic service!

Client Review 2
Joseph Wilson Marketing Head

I collaborated with Knick Global on a creative project, and it was an amazing experience. Their creativity, attention to detail, and collaborative spirit truly set them apart.


I had the pleasure of collaborating with Knick Global on an AR application for Arabic learning, and I couldn't be more delighted with the outcome. Knick Global's developers exhibited exceptional technical prowess and displayed a profound understanding of AR technology. Their adeptness at seamlessly integrating interactive elements resulted in an application that is not only highly engaging but also remarkably effective for learners. Throughout the project, Knick Global's communication was consistently clear and prompt. They remained receptive to feedback and implemented necessary adjustments promptly, showcasing a high level of professionalism and commitment to delivering top-notch work. Based on my experience, I highly recommend Knick Global for any AR development requirements. Knick Global's expertise and unwavering dedication to excellence undoubtedly enhance the value of any project. Thank you, Knick Global, for your outstanding contributions.

Santosh Vanama Marketing Head

Huge thanks to Knick Global. For a long time, I was searching for a Unity game developer and luckily came across Knick Global's profile. The project we were working on was very complicated, however, Knick Global solved each of the problems that appeared at every development stage. As an external developer, they successfully communicated with the rest of the team and finalized each and every part of the agreed tasks. Regarding communication, Knick Global is very polite and a good listener. They try to understand each and every issue that arises during the development period. I am happy that they helped our team solve all the ambiguities that arose. If you are looking for a professional Unity developer, don't waste your time, just contact Knick Global. They will be more than willing to analyze your project and provide different solutions. Hope to work with Knick Global again.

DR Toqeer Ali

Knick Global is extremely professional and responsive. Completely dependable - I look forward to working with them again soon.

Michael Losasso

They have a professional animator who is not only highly skilled but also very polite. You will be happy to work with them. I highly recommend Knick Global for your game project.

Hakim Bawa

Knick Global has top-notch web designers. I am absolutely delighted with their professional approach to the project and the great result.

Daniel Rutherford

Knick Global was a pleasure to work with. They provided a very capable 3D and interactive developer. The project was more complicated than anticipated, and their developer adapted with a great attitude. I will hire from Knick Global again if the project suits their skills. Knick Global did a really good job with my project and was easy to work with. I recommend them without reservation. Excellent work from Knick Global. Very knowledgeable and professional. Thank you! My experience with Knick Global has been very positive. Very professional. Expect background research and understanding of the project before it starts. Highly recommend.


Awesome experience with Knick Global! I wish we could continue with their team, but unfortunately, due to company circumstances, we could not. Anyone reading this would not go wrong working with Knick Global.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes 3D mobile games different from 2D games?

The key difference lies in the level of immersion and depth that 3D games offer, providing a more realistic and interactive experience.

How long does it take to develop a 3D mobile game?

The development time varies depending on the complexity of the game. On average, it may take several months to a year.

Can small indie game developers venture into 3D mobile game development?

Absolutely! With the right tools and dedication, indie developers can create impressive 3D games that resonate with players.

Are 3D games more demanding on device resources?

Yes, 3D games tend to require more processing power and memory compared to 2D games due to their intricate visuals and mechanics.

What sets Knick Global's 3D games apart from others?

Knick Global’s 3D games boast captivating storytelling, stunning graphics, and seamless gameplay, setting them apart in the gaming industry.

Can players customize their characters in Knick Global's 3D RPGs?

Yes, Knick Global’s RPGs often include extensive character customization options, allowing players to tailor their in-game avatars.

How to choose a mobile app development company?

Checking client portfolios, communicating your requirements clearly, and considering the development cost will help you choose the best mobile app development agency. Knick Global practices open communication so that the solution to your query is answered adequately to provide you with the utmost satisfaction.

Is there any customer support available?

Yes, Knick Global offers 24/7 incredible customer support, even post-mobile apps development USA. We do not let our customers hang in the middle with any query that may bring trouble to them.

What Is Mobile Application Development?

Mobile application development creates software applications that run on mobile devices and other connected devices, such as wearables, automotive systems, cameras, and more. It requires skill sets in design, development, testing, deployment, and maintenance to create innovative user experiences across multiple platforms. With that being said, businesses hire mobile app developers to stay ahead of the competition and deliver market-leading products to their customers.

Why Choose Knick Global as a mobile app development company?

Knick Global is a top mobile app development company due to its decent clientele, commitment to excellence, and innovative mobile app development solutions. We enjoy the top spot in the application development industry with affordable packages and professional services.

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