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Knick Global has extremely proficient and experienced team specializing in AngularJS mobile app development. Being one of the best AngularJS application development company , they have a highly qualified team with several years of experience in AngularJS mobile app development.

The decade old AngularJS app development company believes in surpassing the expectations each time. Knick Global’ bespoke Angularjs application development services give special attention to the app design and user experience. A renowned AngularJS mobile application development company that Knick Global is, we make sure that Angularjs applications are designed for flexibilty, efficiency, & speed.

AngularJS Development Services

AngularJS SPA Development

Knick Global is a leading AngularJS development agency with vast experience building single-page web applications. We have a team of talented AngularJS developers who strive to provide smooth and swift SPAs for all your business needs.

Progressive Web App Development

Our Angular developers possess strong expertise in building cutting-edge web applications that render a 100% immersive mobile-friendly user experience. Our PWA development services help you access a native-like mobile version of your favourite website with a single tap.

Real-Time Web App Development

Easily build user-friendly web apps with our Angular web app development services to meet specific demand, retain users and enhance business growth. Our expertise includes creating dynamic applications, websites, web apps, or SPAs compatible across all browsers on desktop and mobile platforms.

AngularJS Plugin Development

As the best AngularJS development company, We provide responsive and data-driven business-oriented custom Angular plugin development services to make your application clean and easy to maintain. Our developers are experts in creating custom plugins to enhance Angular application functionality.

AngularJS to Latest Angular Migration

Upgrade your old AngularJS application to the latest Angular version to improve the application performance using our AngularJS migration services. As top Angular development company, our developers will upgrade your Angular app from any previous version to the latest one using risk-free migration services.

AngularJS Support and Maintenance

Knick Global is reputed AngularJS development company that offers support services with Angular upgrades, improved efficiency, and enhanced architectural operational support. Our Angularjs development team are always ready to provide support services 24/7.

Our Custom AngularJS Development Process

  • Discovery: We define the project scope and create a detailed development and deployment plan with clear milestones. If not, we suggest alternative technologies best suited for you.

  • Creation: We define the flow for your app and develop wireframes and prototype designs of your project before plunging into the development process.

  • Design: Once we gather the requirements, our AngularJs Development experts create UI and UX wireframes for your app, working with you to refine the design and flow.
  • Development:
    Our expert AngularJs developers build the front and backend of your app and also design the database. This process culminates in the development of a prototype.
  • Testing:
    The prototype for your app is now put under rigorous testing for usability, performance, security, and other parameters to make it stabilized and ready for production.
  • Deployment:
    We launch the app, carefully monitoring performance and troubleshooting last-minute issues. We then hand over the final code to you and start the support phase.

Trusted Framework

AngularJS development is the brainchild of Google, which brings credibility to the development process along with the latest updates from the company.

Two-Way Data Binding

Any change in the application is rapidly reflected on both sides of the DOM, giving you a real-time view of what the application will look like after the changes.

Industry-wide Recognition

AngularJS is used by some of the industry leaders including Netflix, The Guardian, Paypal, Lego, and several others because of its powerful development capabilities.