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Successfully delivering reliable solutions and
meeting your developing demands.

Successfully delivering reliable solutions and meeting your developing demands.


Game Development

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Digital Marketing


Metaverse & NFT


Knick Global is a cutting-edge game creation business that specializes in NFT integration, 3D and 2D game design, metaverse development, Unity, AR/VR, Windows games, and play-to-earn gaming. To create immersive gaming experiences, their team of qualified specialists blends technology and creativity. Knick Global builds compelling worlds that captivate players and offer opportunities for both amusement and financial benefits with a focus on emerging trends and novel game play techniques. With ground-breaking innovations from Knick Global, join the gaming revolution.

Being on the market since 2018, we have managed to gain the trust and respect of our clients. We build our team on the principle of long-term relationships and happy customers. People who are enthusiastic, motivated, and perseverant are the core of our team, and this helps us innovate and create great solutions

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Knick Global video game development services extend to different top gaming platforms widely used in the gaming industry.

Mobile App Game Development

Create engaging mobile games with rich features, for Android and iOS.

PC Game Development

Develop epic games for Windows and Mac, from concept to release.

NFT Game Development

Make Video Games With Nfts Integrated As An Impressive Gameplay Element.


Metaverse Game Development

Develop An Immersive Metaverse Game With Nft Integration, Custom Tokens, And An In-game Marketplace.

AR/VR Game Development 

Explore new-age gaming technologies like augmented reality and virtual reality.

HTML5 Game Development

Develop web video games with HTML5 and CSS. Wrap them for native support.

Services We Offer


Knick Global is a leading game development company that offers affordable end-to-end game development services. Our 50+ team of experts have worked on top games for major companies. We take complete responsibility for creating tailored products within your budget, leading projects from design to post-release support. In addition, we can scale your game development team with additional resources for increased production capacities.

Game Designing

Game design involves the creation and development of the fundamental elements, mechanisms, and regulations that govern a game. These games can serve various purposes, such as entertainment, education, exercise, or experimentation. Moreover, game design principles and components are now frequently employed in other fields as well, through a process called gamification.

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2D Game Development

Our team comprises highly skilled and specialized 2D artists who are capable of producing top-quality visuals that are tailored to your project’s specific requirements. Whether it’s character art, background art, or animation, our artists have extensive portfolios that showcase their proficiency in various visual mediums.

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3D Game Development

Our team includes a group of skilled and specialized 3D artists who possess the ability to create exceptional visuals that are customized to meet the specific demands of your project. Whether it involves developing 3D character models, environments, or animation, our artists have remarkable portfolios that demonstrate their expertise across various visual mediums.

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Digital Marketing

Knick Global Private Limited is a Digital Marketing company that offers a team of certified video Digital Marketers and designers. The team is capable of creating Product Designs from scratch or improving an existing Digital Marketing solution to achieve excellence.

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Metaverse Game Development

Knick Global Private Limited is a reliable company that specializes in Metaverse and NFT development. With a team of developers and designers, we can either create a Metaverse solution from scratch or improve an existing one. Our development services ensure that your ideas align with the current trends in the Metaverse industry and result in flawless execution.

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NFT Game Development

Our company is a leading NFT game development company that boasts an impressive portfolio of NFT-based games and applications. With the aid of our top-notch NFT developers and state-of-the-art game development company processes, we can transform your dream requirements into reality.

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We provide comprehensive mobile game solutions for iOS and Android platforms. Being a top game development agency, we assure well-designed, high-performance, and visually appealing games with intuitive player experiences.


Sports Game

Shooting Game

Shooting Game


Racing Game


Adventure Game

Multiplayer game

Multiplayer Game

Fighting game

Fighting Game


Action Game

Adventure game

Adventure Game



Being a successful video game brand, we have the resources to develop games for multiple platforms using different advanced game development technologies.


Special in-game events, promotional offers, cosmetic enhancements, & game economy tweaks are essential for player retention and engagement, especially in mobile game development.


Best Publishing

We explore, identify, and implement all possible ways to make games developed by Juego monetize at the maximum level. We create and set up in-app-purchase bundles, integrate various ad networks, set up reward ads, etc.

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Alluring & Engaging
Game Design

Like all quality video game companies, our development team has hands-on experience developing mobile games and other video games using top game engines and technologies. The development team also consists of experienced testers who subject all games to rigorous QA and device compatibility testing. 



Knick Global provides technical support and maintenance of games post publishing. Under our support & maintenance services, we keep games up-to-date on all devices and OS. 


What’s Different About Knick Global Games?


We enhance your web3 game in various aspects and craft an engaging gaming experience for the players. By utilizing our expertise and the skills of our experts, we follow an agile process and create your lucratively thriving web3 game.


Game Tokenomics

By understanding your vision for the web3 game, our experts focus on developing your web3 game that meets your requirements through a well-defined road map and also ensures that it fits the demand on the market.


Play-To-Earn Game

The flexibility of your web3 game, along with its transparency and activeness, is crucial for its success. Build a web3 game that provides its players with equally enjoyable gaming experiences and earning opportunities.


Enhanced Game Vision

By understanding your vision for the web3 game, our experts focus on developing your web3 game that meets your requirements through a well-defined road map and also ensures that it fits the demand on the market.


User Engagement

We focus on driving increased user engagement that results in constructing a loyal audience base for your web3 game by analyzing and implementing the necessary audience engagement-boosting factors.

Our Game Portfolio

Mighty Minions


Cosmic Assassin

Cosmic Assassin

Knight Call



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