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Successfully delivering reliable solutions and
meeting your developing demands.

Successfully delivering reliable solutions and meeting your developing demands.


Game Development

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing


Metaverse & NFT


At Knick Global, we are pioneers in the gaming industry, specializing in cutting-edge game development. Our expertise spans Non-fungible Token (NFT) games, immersive 3D and 2D game design, metaverse game creation, Augmented Reality (AR) & Virtual Reality (VR) experiences, Windows games, and monetized gaming solutions.

Since our inception in 2018, we’ve built a stellar reputation and earned the trust of our clients. Our passionate & driven team is dedicated to empowering players to innovate and create unique gaming experiences. Join us at Knick Global and be part of the gaming revolution with our advanced, groundbreaking innovations.

Our Expertise in detail


At Knick Global, we offer a wide range of video game development services, catering to various popular gaming platforms in the industry.

Mobile App Game Development

Craft captivating mobile game apps for both Android and iOS users, ensuring an engaging and seamless gaming experience.

PC Game Development

From concept to completion, we design groundbreaking games for Windows and Mac, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in PC gaming.

NFT Game Development

Integrates NFTs into your video games, creating impressive gameplay elements that offer unique and valuable digital assets.


Metaverse Game Development

Immerse players in a richly detailed metaverse, combining NFTs, custom tokens, and an in-game marketplace for an unparalleled gaming adventure.

AR/VR Game Development 

Dive into the future of gaming with our cutting-edge augmented reality and virtual reality technologies, offering a truly immersive experience.

HTML5 Game Development

Leverage the power of HTML5 and CSS to develop engaging and accessible web video games that can be played on any browser.

Services We Offer


Our team of over 50+ developers has a proven track record of working on top games for major companies. We take full responsibility for developing customized games within your budget, managing every aspect from design to post-release support. Additionally, we can augment your game development team by providing extra resources to enhance production capacities.

Game Designing

Game designing requires the game’s fundamental components, mechanics, and restrictions. It can fit into different ideals, such as entertainment, education, or experimentation. Furthermore, game design concepts and features are now commonly incorporated into other sectors using the technique known as gamification.

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2D Game Development

Our team consists of talented and experienced 2D artists who are proficient in developing outstanding graphics to the needs of each user’s project. Our creators work in various graphical media, as demonstrated in players’ portfolios, which include character art, background visuals, and animation.

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3D Game Development

Our skilled and professional 3D creators bring players’ visions to life by crafting character models, backgrounds, and animations. Explore our portfolio to see an array of visual media showcasing our 3D development expertise.

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Digital Marketing

Knick Global Private Limited is a Digital Marketing company that offers a team of certified video Digital Marketers and designers. The team is capable of creating Product Designs from scratch or improving an existing Digital Marketing solution to achieve excellence.

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Metaverse Game Development

Knick Global Private Limited is a reliable company that specializes in Metaverse and NFT development. With a team of developers and designers, we can either create a Metaverse solution from scratch or improve an existing one. Our development services ensure that your ideas align with the current trends in the Metaverse industry and result in flawless execution.

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NFT Game Development

Our company is a leading NFT game development company that boasts an impressive portfolio of NFT-based games and applications. With the aid of our top-notch NFT developers and state-of-the-art game development company processes, we can transform your dream requirements into reality.

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We provide complete mobile game solutions for iOS and Android platforms. As a top game development agency, we assure well-designed, high-performance, visually appealing games with instinctive player experiences.


Sports Game

Shooting Game

Shooting Game


Racing Game


Adventure Game

Multiplayer game

Multiplayer Game

Fighting game

Fighting Game


Action Game

Adventure game

Adventure Game



As a leading video game brand, we possess the resources and expertise to develop games for multiple platforms using advanced game development technologies.


We prioritize player retention and engagement by implementing special in-game events, promotional offers, cosmetic enhancements, and game economy tweaks, particularly in mobile game development.


Best Publishing

We identify and implement all possible monetization strategies for games developed by Knick Global. This includes creating in-app purchase bundles, integrating various ad networks, and setting up reward ads to maximize revenue.

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Alluring & Engaging
Game Design

Our development team has extensive experience in creating mobile and video games using top-tier game engines and technologies. Additionally, our experienced testers conduct rigorous QA and device compatibility testing to ensure the highest quality.



Knick Global provides ongoing technical support and maintenance for games post-publishing. Our services ensure that games remain up-to-date on all devices and operating systems.


What’s Different About Knick Global Games?


We elevate your Web3 game by enhancing various aspects to craft an engaging and immersive gaming experience. Leveraging our expertise and our team’s skills, we follow an agile process to create a highly successful Web3 game.


Game Tokenomics

Our experts understand your vision and develop a Web3 game that meets your prime requirements through a detailed roadmap, ensuring it aligns with market demands.


Play-To-Earn Game

We build Web3 games that offer flexibility, transparency, and active participation, providing players with enjoyable gaming experiences and earning opportunities.


Enhanced Game Vision

Our team focuses on your vision, developing a Web3 game that meets your requirements while fitting market demands through a strategic and well-defined roadmap.


User Engagement

We drive increased user engagement and build a loyal audience base for your Web3 game by analyzing & implementing key factors that boost audience interaction.

Our Game Portfolio

Mighty Minions


Cosmic Assassin

Cosmic Assassin

Knight Call



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