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Node.js, a revolutionary platform designed to meet the critical demand for seamless app integrations, has evolved into one of the most extensive multipurpose tools worldwide, boasting over 4 million plus active users. As an open-source, asynchronous, and event-driven JavaScript runtime, Node.js empowers developers to construct unparalleled scalability and performance applications. Its potential reaches new heights when combined with Angular and ReactJS, resulting in comprehensive enterprise solutions that elevate end-user experiences and drive exceptional business growth. Unlock the potential of your business with cutting-edge Node.js web development services!

The potential of Node.js knows no bounds. At Knick Global, we take pride in being a leading Node.js app development company that brings unmatched expertise to the table. Node.js, being remarkably adaptable, has found its way into various domains. It facilitates developers in unimaginable ways, enabling them to create high-end Blockchain applications and ushering in a new era of powerful servers, command-line tools, and even robots.

What sets Node.js apart is its extensive track record of empowering some of the world’s most renowned and highly-visited applications. Organizations like NASA, Uber, Netflix, eBay, and PayPal entrust Node.js to fuel their platforms, demonstrating their reliability and performance. It has proven its worth by enabling the development of robust web applications and optimizing API performance, establishing itself as an indispensable tool in the modern tech landscape.

Node.js Development Services

Custom Node.js Development

Build powerful applications with endless customization possibilities using Node.js technology. Leverage custom Node.js development services to build high-performant, feature-rich, and 2x adaptive tech solutions that are tailored to your unique business needs and helps you gain best ROI margins with great growth potential

Node.js Web Development

Develop robust web applications that feature chats, real-time data exchange, social media elements, and more. Node.js web development company would be the perfect choice if your project idea relies heavily on user input and output values for different data types and formats, with top-notch scaling potential

Node.js Mobile Application Development

Build mobile apps that are lightweight, highly featured, and 2x performant like Netflix, Coursera, Slack, and more. Our Node.js mobile app development services enable achieve the real JavaScript advantage through event-driven servers, asynchronous call-back function, and single-threaded architecture to develop fast and scalable cross-platform applications

Node.js for Backend Development

Maximize the potential of your application in terms of features and functionalities with Node.js used in the backend. Our services in Node.js for backend development are designed to build feature-rich and efficient applications that have the ability to manage and process 500+ million traffic spikes and 10x streams of requests/queries. Build your Node.js backend with us!

Node.js API Development

Get a seamless, secure, and simplified API development experience with Node.js being used as backend technology. Node.js REST API development will help achieve smooth and enriching real-time interactions for multiple data formats and call types. Build REST APIs using Node.js for systematic and synchronized data interaction solutions!

Node.js Plugin Development

Build modular, highly customizable, maintainable, and easily extensible web or mobile applications with a robust and resilient plugin developed using the Node tech stack. Node.js plugin development is a good choice for scaling your applications with an extra level of customization or expansion capability!

Node.js Consulting Services

Our Node.js consulting services include identifying the most suitable tech solution for your business against the market, competitors, and challenges to solve. Our Node.js consultants hold deep expertise in latest technologies to rightfully help your business scope out the perfect technology solution that justifies the investment and brings high-return value

Benefits of our Node JS Development Services

Variety of solutions

Our Node.js developers are well versed in building complex web-based applications, dynamic web applications, and enterprise-grade solutions. Whatever the option, we make it real-time, function-rich, and scalable.

Flexible hiring

Hire a whole group of professionals or a dedicated programmer to implement your project. Ramp up or down your team based on the current objective and workloads.

Industry experience

We combine our technical proficiency with industry-focused experience. Our team of developers builder solutions aimed to solve unique business challenges and eliminate inefficiencies.

Personal Project Manager

You are welcome to directly manage the development process. In all other cases, you can hand over management to a dedicated PM who will update you on the progress.


Our Node JS development agency is driven by high-quality outcomes. We create lightweight and performant apps that deliver value for your business.

Post-Project support

Our Node JS development services include full customer support after completing the project. If necessary, we can always provide emergency care.

FAQs Related to Node.js Services

Get all your questions answered before hiring the right Node.js developers team for your project.

What is Node js and why use it?

Node.js is a platform built on Chrome’s JavaScript runtime for easily building fast, scalable network applications. Node js uses an event-driven, non-blocking I/O model that makes it lightweight and efficient, perfect for data-intensive real-time applications that run across distributed devices.

Why should we use Node js for developing web apps?

ReactJS helps you save money on app development by allowing you to reuse UI components and test your app while it’s still being built. Additionally, both the server and client sides of the software can be coded in JavaScript. It speeds up the app development process and reduces the overall cost of development.

Let's look at another advantage of Node.js web application development.

Reduces the marketing time of your application
Scalability to meet custom requirements
It is easy to learn and quick to adapt
Easy scalability for high-tech applications
Improve application response times and increases efficiency
Reduces download time with fast caching
Helps build cross-platform apps
Build real time apps with high performance
It helps in build Cross-functional Teams
Cost-effective with Fullstack JS
Supporting communities to improve processes

What big companies use node js?

Node.js is one of those things that not only allows you to have a much more responsive web application, but it can also greatly help with your development time and make your applications able to handle far more traffic than they otherwise would be able to do if you didn’t use Node.

This makes it perfect for using in conjunction with any kind of heavy database such as MongoDB or Cassandra, along with large numbers of users visiting your site all at once. Some companies that use Node are Netflix, LinkedIn, Zynga, and PayPal just to name a few


What kind of application can you build using Node.js?

The Node.JS development company can help you develop any type of application. Node.js can empower any business from startups to small businesses, medium organizations to large enterprises, you should use Nodejs for real-time applications, data streaming, API servers, DevOps projects, and much more. Some of the great applications that can be built efficiently with Node.js are as follows:
Social Media
Project Management
Discussion Platforms
Live stream video applications
IoT applications and devices

How much does it cost to build a Node.js web application

There are several factors that determine the cost of Node.js developers such as customization, advanced features, plugin, the complexity of the app, expertise of the technical team, and much more. Building a web application with Node.js involves many of the same costs that you would incur if you used any other framework.

You can send us your requirements and we will send across a quote for your project.

Since Node is an event driver, it can handle multiple requests simultaneously, allowing applications to use real-time to build microservices architectures. However, some libraries are not as powerful as other framework libraries like Rails and Django, which are better for websites than Node.

Why choose Knick Global for Node.js web application development?

Accelerate time to market and development time by hiring a dedicated node.js developers team exclusively for your project.

Knick Global is a top-leading node.js web development company that offering custom Noje.js software development services. We have successfully developed 4500+ web applications for our worldwide clients from various industries. We provide Node.js solutions using a consultative approach towards overcoming business challenges with technology.

The popularity is growing day by day because it is free and open source software license under MIT (which means it’s free). It provides cross-platform capabilities as it runs on Unix/Linux as well as Microsoft Windows OS. The code written in Node JS will run on both desktop and server operating systems. It also has built-in non-blocking I/O model so it doesn’t have any problems with slow clients or high latency networks.
It is Faster, Quicker Than Others

Can you sign a Non-disclosure agreement (NDA) for my project?

Yes, we are committed to meeting clients’ requirements to deliver best-in-class Nodejs web development solutions results and keeping information confidential by signing the NDA.

What is your company’s experience as a Node.JS web development service provider?

Knick Global is a leading web & mobile app development company offering Node.js development services. We have successfully completed 4000+ web projects for clients across the globe from different domains. We use a consultative approach towards overcoming business challenges with technology.

What is latest Nodejs version? What's New in latest Node.js version?

For six months, major Node.js versions may go into the Current release status while library authors implement support for them. Afterwards, even-numbered releases (10, 12, etc.) become Unsupported and odd-numbered releases (9, 11) move to Active LTS status. The Latest Node.js version in 17.x

What is the right hosting service for Node.js websites?

It’s not surprising that you have questions about hosting your Node js website, as well as lots of other related aspects of running a Node.js application. Here are few hosting services for Nodejs websites Bluehost, HostGator, InMotion, A2 Hosting, Hostinger, DreamHost and HostPapa.

What databases are suitable for Node.js development?

SQL, NoSQL and In-Memory databases are all suitable for Node js depending on your specific needs. You should identify your database needs to select a system that is compatible with them and scalable for your business model.

What are the benefits of outsourcing Node.js development?

The biggest benefit of outsourcing Node.js development to Knick Global is that you can focus on higher-level business functions rather than getting bogged down in technical minutiae. You can work with multiple developers teams at once, and each team will have their own specialty and area of expertise.

If your project is processed by a dedicated team, you have access to the skill level you do not receive when you try to solve. Additionally, outsourcing Node.js enables other modifications and applications based on the latest technologies. Your business won’t be able to take advantage of today’s advances without outside help. Because it is constantly changing and challenging over time.